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Author:  Anvilworks [ Tue Oct 04, 2016 2:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Schedule layouts

Hi Julie,

I have a couple of ideas about the schedule screens, maybe you could take a look?

Basically, there are two issues I have with the screen layouts. On the "week" mode, we only get to see up to 2 appointments a day, except for Wednesday, where we can see more. Just for reference:


If we're using the desktop site, on the "work week" mode, we see all the appointments on a day (and can easily drag them around) but I can't be the only one who works Saturdays (sometimes Sundays), so it's a problem not to see those days and be able to drag/drop appointments to/from them. But there's a lot of free space on the right side on both my computer screen and on my tablet. Like so:


So my suggestion is: why not combine both views? Just add Saturday and Sunday to the "work week" view and make it the "week" mode.

For phones, make the "week" view show all the appointments. It will be longer than the screen, but on the phone is really easy to just flick the screen up and down. You're not expected to make everything fit on the phone screen anyway.

Right now, the "week" view on the phone is basically useless. I have more than 2 appointments a day most of the time, and they don't appear on the screen. I get asked all the time "when is my next appointment?" and try to find it on the phone is a pain, because I can't just look at the weekly schedule and quickly go through the next few weeks to find it, I have to keep switching to daily view. and look day by day.

Is that something you could do? Thanks!

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